Сын Елены Яковлевой устроился работать воспитателем
When hiring Denis Crazy helped that he is fluent in English.

Elena Yakovleva son Denis

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The son of Elena Yakovleva — 26-year-old Denis Stray — found a job and
now ready to support a family (he married last summer),
without recourse to the actress. The young man got a job in the “School of Rosatom”
for the position of educator. As said the actress to the resource Starhit.ru,
one of the conditions of appointment to the said post was fluency

“The probationary period was held in the camp in the Penza region.
One of the main requirements was knowledge of the English language, after all, have
to chat with guys from different corners of the world. Denis is fluent
foreign, so it gladly accepted, told the online Elena. — Now teaches Teens to stay healthy, to do exercise. Not
in vain a few years was fascinated with bodybuilding. The company son joined quickly
one evening, even danced with the guys, they’re on the same page. He really
liked the internship. Will soon go to work with children in other cities
Russia. I support the initiatives of the son.”

The actress is thrilled that his son finally decided on
profession. After a month ago live 7days.ru Yakovlev answering
questions Catherine Velichenko, said that Dennis must find his place in the
this life. “The Institute where my husband was persuaded to do by Denis,
proved to be a waste of time — shared Elena. — It turned out very difficult,
it is almost impossible to find a specialty work. We Dennis in London for a year
sent, but he said, “to Learn, of course, it is interesting, but I’ll be with
to do back in Russia? When he started bodybuilding, I was
discovery, as my son has a lot of will power! He has made significant
the results, even performed at the competitions, and then he got bored. Now
he fired up to become a specialist in plastic makeup. However, to get
the relevant certificate, you need to fly to Los Angeles, only there are
such courses. In General, throwing the kid… But I think he will find his place in
life. But should he do this myself, is to determine this question, its
the head will not put”.