The son of Elena Yakovleva broke off the engagement

Сын Елены Яковлевой разорвал помолвку 23-year-old Denis broke up with a sweetheart. Young people had serious disagreements, and they could not get along. Itself Elena Yakovleva philosophically perceives this news, explaining that the boy is still ahead.

      Сын Елены Яковлевой разорвал помолвку

      For anybody not a secret that some time ago Elena Yakovleva was preparing for the role her mother in law. The only son of Denis Stray star was planning to marry a girl named Margarita, and the artist fully approved of this Union. Lovers full had planned a celebration, and fiancee of the heir to the celebrity even changed my name on social networks, hoping to soon become the lawful wife of Denis. However, these plans have been violated. Young people broke off the engagement, and now everyone lives their life.

      As it became known “Starite”, the guys had serious disagreements that led to separation. Denis’s mother was a Stray calmly took the news about the TIFF and with her usual optimistic attitude to proishodachego. “It’s true,’ said the invalid mother-in-law Elena Yakovleva. – We are young. Denis 23 years, whole life ahead of you”.

      Denis and Margaret met at one company – they had many common interests. For example, they both were fans of the Gothic style, were listening to heavy metal. He has tattoos on the face and neck, she has a nose ring. The lovers lived together, tried to keep the joint life and overall learned to build a relationship, like a real family, but ultimately realized that would not be able to live with. After separation in social networks Rita immediately changed the name of the groom Crazy on Miller and he removed the ex-lover of friends.

      Son of the star of the TV series “Kamenskaya” he graduated from the directing faculty of the Humanitarian Institute of television and radio broadcasting. However, according to Yakovleva, the guy wants nothing to do with work in the movies, he wants to become a fitness trainer. For several months the young man brought his body in such a state that his famous mom is truly admirable. Denis spends a lot of time in the gym, will no doubt produce impressive results. 23-year-old Denis made incredible strides in sports, namely bodybuilding. Elena Yakovleva with her husband, Valery Crazy very worried about the health of their only child. The actress said that she is afraid that her successor will take anabolics or steroids. The young man even swore to my mom that this in his life will not.

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