Сын Дмитрия Нагиева сильно похудел в Индии Fans have noticed a change in the shape on “VK fest”. The presenter spoke about his tour of India. During the visit, the son of Dmitry Nagiyev Cyril ate a lot of fruits and vegetables. However, he not only enjoyed the beauty of the country, and filmed the movie.

      Сын Дмитрия Нагиева сильно похудел в Индии

      In St. Petersburg ended the festival “Vkontakte”. The second day brought viewers not only good weather, new experiences and wonderful performances on three stages, but also unexpected master classes, among which was a conversation with Kiril Nagiyev about India.

      Public talk with Nagiyev held Murad and Natalia Haussmann – the creators of the famous series of photographs, “Follow me.” To talk Nagiyev was difficult, it seems that secrecy in dealing with Nagiyev. Cyril himself later admitted that before that no one discussed their Indian journey.

      “And you know what it means in India a shake of the head? If you look at the Lonely planet guide book, it means “Yes” and “no” and “maybe.” Therefore, any person who has lived some time in India, then unwittingly begins to do so. You asked: “do you want me to go?” And you are shaking your head. However, sometimes the stations it’s not laminate, it is necessary to watch facial expression, says Naghiyev.

      For Cyril it was noticeable that he lost a lot of weight. It turns out that it is also associated with his travels.

      “Yes, many talk about the dirt that is in this country. It just need to get used to wash hands and food. Speaking of food – there they are much better than ours, and cost a penny. Tomatoes, which cost us 350 rubles – there you go 40” – shares his impressions Nagiyev.

      Do not think that in India Nagiyev just relax and enjoy life – Cyril had to work. During the trip, he made a film about this amazing country, however, having said this, he hesitated, looked at Murad and Natalia and added, “Although what I’m saying, you’re doing such a terrific program about traveling on the First channel! When I look at her, you realize that this is a very cool and interesting.”

      Kirill Nagiev has tried himself in different spheres of activities. Besides the fact that he made the film during a trip to India, and works as the leading, he made progress as a DJ. The son of Dmitry Nagiyev successfully toured the country and gave concerts. The young man is popular among fans of club life and boasts an impressive number of fans.

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