The son of Dmitry Malikov made the first long trip

Сын Дмитрия Маликова совершил первое длительное путешествие
The couple transported the newborn to Moscow by train.

Dmitry and Elena Malikova


Recently Dmitry Malikov brought her newborn son from
St. Petersburg to Moscow. Thus, the baby who is less than a month,
made his first trip. It happened because the birth of a surrogate
mother passed in Saint-Petersburg. About it
please tell
the father of singer — Yuri Malikov.

“Dima and Lena came to the Northern capital just to leave and
now you carry the baby on the train home, — said Yuri publisher. — Really looking forward to,
when will be able to see her grandson. In our family he long-awaited child, the heir.
Dima really wanted a second child, it’s even in one of the interviews talked about this.
And of course, his wife wanted a son. And in fact, we have some girls

By the way, wife
artist — Elena has shared the first photo of the baby, whose name has not
discloses. On
pictures of baby at the hands of the eldest daughter of the stars Stefania, and Dmitry gently kisses
wife. Sorry, the face of the baby was closed “smiley”. But fans of the star
the family hope that in the near future Dimitri will show them his

“I was the family’s only child, — Elena wrote in a personal blog. —
Loved, smart, beautiful, but only. When I turned 20, all of a sudden
died my mom, then dad. From the horror of what happened saved me then my,
just a little girl, the daughter of Olga. Just because she was. After a
time my life changed dramatically — I met Dima. Thanks to him, I found
beautiful family: he, his parents, sister, grandmother, aunt, nephew,
our wonderful daughter and son… A family is a team! Where one for all,
and all for one! And the more young players in it, the stronger it is!»