Сын Дмитрия Дюжева предсказал рождение своего брата
Little Vanya before the results of the ultrasound, told mom and dad that they have a boy.

Dmitry Dyuzhev with his wife Tatiana and their son Ivan

Photo: Philip Goncharov

He claims that his wife eldest son Vanya was not a shred of doubt that it’s
it was the brother. “We told him, Well, wait, let mom pass the screening, and then
suddenly you will tune in, and there’s not a boy”, – says Dmitry. – Vanya was genuinely astonished: “Mom,
dad, well, what are you talking about? Children always know who is born. I have

Recently, the wife of Dmitry, Tatiana did with his son psychological tasks, and they got the question: “What day do you think is the most happy in life?”. “I was sure that he would remember
some holiday, gifts, holiday, anything, – says Tatiana. – But Ivan, without hesitation
said it was a day when the hospital called and said that he was born Mitya.
After this phrase I realized how sincere his love for the brother. My mom
once whispered to van, thinking I could support him: “because Mitya is still small,
we’re probably a little less love, and you’re a big, you a little bit
more”. What Vanya said, “No, you give us the same love. Or you
want to say that you are my mom like smaller than my uncle, only because
he’s older?” Very wise we have a boy!”

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