The son of Clint Eastwood played in “fast & Furious 8”

Сын Клинта Иствуда сыграет в «Форсаже-8»

After securing his new film Oscar-winner Charlize Theron, the creators of the next part, “Forsazh” give the opportunity to young talents more prominent.

Today it was announced the new name for the caste of the racing action. They became the youngest son of Clint Eastwood Scott Eastwood.

At the moment we know that Scott was trusted to play a character that will be in the hands of Mr. Nobody performed by Kurt Russell – the hero of Scott’s childhood.

About his appearance in the film, Eastwood said personally in his microblog: “”it’s Difficult to describe how I’m excited to participate in the new “fast and Furious”. For me, this film series is more than just a franchise. This heritage”.

Recall, on the eve was published the trailer of the film, in which Scott also plays a role. Eastwood, Jr. will appear in “suicide Squad” — a painting that has been dubbed the best premiere of the summer.


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