The son of Chuck Norris was attacked by the unknown

На сына Чака Норриса напал неизвестный

Mike Norris, son of legendary Hollywood actor Chuck Norris, said that was the victim of a brutal attack by an unknown person. 53-year-old actor and Director believes that thus he wanted something to prevent dishonest opponents.

“I think I wanted to scare and to be honest, they got it” said Mike, referring to his film “Amerigeddon”, the plot of which the American authorities after the failure of the power system imposed martial law and began to seize weapons from citizens.

The attack occurred in a theater in Columbus, Ohio. During the film, an unknown man approached him from behind and patted on the head, saying in my ear Norris, Jr., “an Interesting film”. Mike looked around and saw “a man, aged 30-40 in a grey suit without a tie”.
“When he left, I realized that even I could not see the face of this person, just remember that he was clean-shaven and wearing strange – on the street it was hot and everyone in the cinema was in shorts and t-shirts, and he came in a suit” said Mike. The first symptoms manifested themselves the same evening, the whole face itched and hell even an antihistamine. At 3am he woke up from a terrible pain – his eyes swollen and wouldn’t open.
“I thought of each of my pores on face oozing pus. My lymph nodes were the size of a Golf ball. The doctor said with confidence that this is a reaction to something outside. Tests have shown that this is not allergic to food..
My dad warned me when I showed him the film. He said to me: “Be very careful”” said Mike. On the advice of Chuck, he hired a bodyguard, who now accompanies him everywhere.
“I would hire his father, but I can’t afford it,” joked Mike.

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