Сын Кристины Орбакайте закончил школу
Denis Baysarov was struck by the results of final examinations.

Сын Кристины Орбакайте закончил школу

Christina Aguilera with her son Dany Baysarov

Photo: Instagram

The youngest son of Christina Orbakaite, who grew up incredibly beautiful and well-mannered young man continues to amaze friends and relatives. Yet
the graduates shared in social networks with details of the prom, Denis Baysarov
chose to share the brilliant results of his studies.

He’s not
just graduated from high school with impressive grades, but managed to get a diploma of music school Gnessin virtuosos. The music school he
finished perfectly.

However, not all exams Dani was left behind. It is waiting for one
of the most difficult academic test exam, IB (International Baccalaureate) or Educational
the International baccalaureate program. This certificate in the world
is equivalent to a common standard, called the national certificate and
allows on its basis to apply to the leading universities of European countries
and America.

Christina Aguilera is confident that the son will rise up
difficult tests and it does not control. While Denis exams, the singer
located in Los Angeles.

By the way, along with Baysarov of the prestigious Metropolitan school graduated Junior
brother Stasi Malikova — Dmitry. Stefania herself is released next year, but
now choose for the celebration luxury dress: cost several hundred thousand rubles.

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