The son of Catherine Skulkina brings up another woman

Сына Екатерины Скулкиной воспитывает другая женщина
9-year-old boy lives and studies in Kazan.

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Skulkina, constant participant of popular show “Comedy Woman” on TNT, is one of those rare stars who still have not moved to Moscow. In the capital, Catherine is still no private property, but not because she did it not work, but this is simply not necessary. The whole family of umoristi still lives in Kazan. It was there that grows and goes to school her 9-year-old son Oleg. However, due to the heavy workload of the mother, sees the child Skulkina not as often as I would like. Catherine also did not hire any nannies and governesses, and all because she was very lucky with my mom.

“Ode of gratitude I’m willing to dedicate your mother told Catherine to interview Olga Shelest for MammyTV. — At the time my mom when she was pregnant with me, wanted a boy, but I was born. I in turn wanted a daughter, and I became the son. Mom says that is still something that God gives you what you really want. And now she fills those gaps with my son that is his grandson. She is now a completely different mum and grandma. When I see how they communicate, I’m even a little jealous or something. It is just so unusual it! And I understand that he was, because my mother deals with it! Most of the time he spends with her. She is also a “not from here”, from another planet though. I wonder what would I grow if I was raised by my current mom. She became more calm, wise, adult woman. I like the way she does! According to my personal subjective standards, it’s all so well! I couldn’t do it. Now I learn from her that: how to communicate with the child that it came out so, how’s our boy!”

By the way, Catherine also talked about the ridiculous rumors that come up that she is leaving the show “Comedy Woman”. She was on the show only once, when she gave birth to their child. Interestingly, two first year female Comedy shows existed only in the performances in the clubs. Skulkin, knowing that more can not pull, decided to have a baby. And, when she was already pregnant, there was an offer from channel TNT to bring the project to the TV screen. So Oleg, being in the mother’s tummy, also has starred on TV!

“I was in the ninth month of pregnancy, — says Ekaterina. — I (me!) made a huge slip Breasts to close my “pregnant” belly. Just on stage was this “thunder Baba”. (Laughs). In General, I slowly but surely understand that we all have to unite in some one city. Most likely it will be Moscow. But I’m waiting for a convenient moment to organize things. Maybe when the son was older, and for him it will be a lot of stress…”