The son of Bari Alibasov spoke about a hungry child

Сын Бари Алибасова рассказал о голодном детстве The boy traded in the market in stolen apples. This was the son of Bari Alibasov told in the program “When all the houses”. The young man frankly told about his mother.
Сын Бари Алибасова рассказал о голодном детстве

Now the son of Bari Alibasov Bari Jr. for 32 years. From 14 years the child of the famous musician, the founder of the first rock groups of the Soviet Union “Integral” and author of one of the hottest boy bands in the country – “on-On” – Alibasov lives with his father. However, until that time, Bari Jr. lived in a small apartment in his native Saratov – along with his mother Elena Uronic.

Bari Karimovich in the program “When all of the house” told how he met Lena. The meeting occurred when Alibasov went on tour in Saratov. “And I have friend Sergey Yankin… We then “Integral” in Saratov worked. And opposite the hotel “Europe” has two girlfriends or two Flax. Well, near everything was to go far not necessary. And they both gave birth to boys, both called Bari, which, in turn, has now become two meters, four centimeters. We both, I and Sergey acknowledged sons. And recorded in his name,” said Alibasov.

Loving the musician did not marry the woman who bore him a son. And she, according to Bari, Jr., still mad at Alibasov. No matter what, Elena did everything to the son loved his dad, even at a distance.

“No offense to dad was because he recognized the son from the right woman. Despite that, I think she is still upset with his father, still suffers. She after father was not a man in this life. But she realized that I have to live in the love of the father. All the time told me: “your dad is great, dad loves you. He’s not with us, he just a lot of work, he’s very busy,” said Bari Alibasov Jr.
Сын Бари Алибасова рассказал о голодном детстве

A young man passionate about entrepreneurship, organizes workshops for promotion of business. Being a successful man, Bari Jr. does not hide that he had a difficult childhood. It turned out that the son of the famous producer, while he lived with his mother, often went hungry. Even with the support of the father of the boy was not easy. According to Alibasov Jr., he often was just nothing there. And to survive, he stole apples, sold them on the market.

Сын Бари Алибасова рассказал о голодном детстве“Up to 14 lived with his mother in Saratov. Sometimes tea with bread became elegant dinner. My pocket money was 10 rubles a month. And that’s because I’m in the cottages was nicking apples and sold them at the market where I have not driven the bandits, because they feel sorry for me 7-year-old child”, – frankly said Bari Jr.

In this Alibasov-the senior says that he supported his family in Saratov, regularly sent money. True, Elena was a woman, the words of the son, distracted. “Dad along with the clothes the money was sent from so to enough. I don’t bother. And the mother to the money changers go, it deceived, then our apartment to Rob,” says Bari Barievich.

And then Alibasov decided to take his son and then sent him to an English school. The boy’s life has changed dramatically.

Сын Бари Алибасова рассказал о голодном детстве“When my father took, he said, “Son, I will educate you in strictness, money will not give – max delivery – for you a thousand rubles to buy bread and coffee, keep the change”. And the delivery of the 720 as it is now I remember… in no way restricted. Gave to try everything to get into the most terrible scrapes, fought on the Arbat… But to his credit, I still am in this state – and at the risk of life, and in business, I understand, if something happens, I have a loving dad who will rescue me. Never in my life did not apply to him… Although I admit that the name helps. Any door is opened. All fun to watch, what was Bari Alibasov son.”

Alibasov has been several times officially married, according to some, five. Producer and musician is recognised that attempts to build a family has taken a lot, about 12 times. No denying that is very loving, and somehow his life was at the same time, four women.

Bari Jr. in this respect like his dad. He frankly said that at least seven women in his life, he called wives.

Now, both not married. Alibasov, Sr., who is 70, more than anyone else loves her 6-year-old Sphynx named Chucha. “It was not in my life that I loved so much as a cat,” says Alibasov.