The son of Arshavin and Baranovskaya appearing at the Bolshoi theatre

Сын Аршавина и Барановской выступает в Большом театре
The star child is involved in the premiere of the Opera by Britten.

Yulia Baranovskaya with children: Artem, Yana and Arseny

The eldest son of TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya and football player Andrei Arshavin Artem Arshavin now plays in the State Bolshoi theatre of Russia. Star child can be seen in the premiere of an Opera of Benjamin Britten’s “Billy Budd” (this is a Big co-production with the English national Opera and
German Opera). In Opera and ballet performances, by the way, the children involved often: who sings in the choir, someone get the role in extras.

The content of this Opera is very dark. Its action takes place in the late 18th century, in the era of the French revolution, and the protagonist of the story — a brave sailor of the British battleship “fearless” — the end of the Opera dies.

Interestingly, among the characters of this dramatic history there are no women. And Artem Arshavin goes on a legendary stage in small as a cabin boy.