The son of Andrei Panin fell in love with 18-year-old girlfriend

Сын Андрея Панина признался в любви 18-летней подруге The heir of actor Alexander publicly told about feelings. The young man posted on the social network picture, which gently embraces the girl. Panin-Junior looks very happy.

      Сын Андрея Панина признался в любви 18-летней подруге

      17-year-old Sasha – the son of the honored artist of Andrei Panin, who died in 2013. During this time, the teenager has matured and now spends her spare time doing sports, music and friends. So, after a party in honor of the birthday of Anastasia Chirineu, the young man confessed his love to her.

      “Very-very-very-very love this Peppa pig”, – he signed the post in Instagram. For photography lovers look very happy and smiling. Sasha gently hugs the birthday girl on the background of Moscow skyscrapers.

      I wonder what the lovers tend not to advertise their feelings and only occasionally leave comments to each other in social networks. For example, under one of the frames girlfriend Nastya wrote “Love!”, Panin and immediately wrote “Plus”, confirming these words.

      Сын Андрея Панина признался в любви 18-летней подруге

      Few people know, but the boy is also interested in theatre and even occasionally see colleagues of his father in the shop. So, one day, he met with Oleg Tabakov and Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, and later posted a picture together. “Sasha! Was very happy to see you!” – wrote underneath the actress. “Xenia, mutually! Thank you again!” – thanked the teenager in response.

      Сын Андрея Панина признался в любви 18-летней подруге

      By the way, that today, the sixth of March, the anniversary of the death of a beloved audience of Andrei Panin. In one of an interview with “StarHit” the mother of the artist Anna G. said: “the Children of Andrew come rarely and only for a few days. In Moscow for good supervision: a grandmother and great-grandmother, who lives next door. And to the country they often go to the family’s house Rogozhkino near Naro-Fominsk. The last time Peter and Sasha was with us last summer. Rode on bicycles. Sasha is a very matured, more and more silent. I saw the question in his eyes. But didn’t want to intrude. Natasha says, they say, age is.”

      A former Director of Panin Gennady Rusin also about the other children not to forget the boy even before take bath. “He and my son are friends Coranicum – shared Rusin. – Sanka to see us coming. Ride ATVs and bikes. Sasha’s interest in cinematography shows. Photos of interesting makes and Facebook sends me”.