The son of Alla Pugacheva competes with Nikolai Tsiskaridze

Сын Аллы Пугачевой соревнуется с Николаем Цискаридзе Little Harry was struck by the talent of the followers of the artist. In the video shared by Alla on the social network page, you can see how the boy performs ballet moves.

      Fans of Alla Pugacheva follow news of her life. Diva sometimes shows to subscribers in the social network, such as the everyday life of her twins Lisa and Harry. The actress is proud of the talents of the children. Little daughter Pugacheva is dancing and is studying to sing. As told acquaintances pop stars, Lisa is often next to mom while working on new songs in a recording Studio.

      Harry also never ceases to amaze subscribers Diva. The boy is growing a copy of my father, and his fiery laughter does not leave anyone indifferent. In a new video shared on the social network Pugacheva, Harry spinning in one place and do the movements in ballet style. In the signature to video Alla compared a baby with a famous dancer: “Hold on, Tsiskaridze!”

      Fans of Alla was left amazed by the new video with Harry. “Tsiskaridze is red”, “Good boy, daddy’s son!”, “Your kids is a miracle. More video them download!”, “Such an interesting, inspired by guy”, “Singing and dancing at the same time!”, “A pleasure to watch!” – wrote followers Pugacheva.

      So far, the Alla little tells reporters about the lives of children, however, whenever possible, the singer notes that they are very similar to them with her husband, Maxim Galkin. Some netizens ask for more to put videos involving girls. According to followers, the successor of the prima Donna is just adorable. Under one of the commercials featuring girls members could not hide their emotions.

      “Lisa, this umnichka! Real Flirty, I am in awe of this child. What is it clean, light, bright”, “the Baby is just lovely, so much energy and enthusiasm in her,” “the Real Princess, the Queen shoots! I love you,” “can’t be happy for your family. Lisa is so Flirty, how many charisma, flirtation, a real artist,” said fans Pugacheva.