The son of Aliki Laughter ready to conquer the Russian rap scene

Сын Алики Смеховой готовится покорить русскую рэп-сцену Artem began his career hip-hop artist. Smekhova was proud of the child. She posted a joint frame with the guy in the microblog. Her fans do not hide delight, because the boy has seriously grown up and prettier.

Alika Smekhova is a mom of two sons. Senior Artem this year was 18 years old. The boy likes music and preparing to release their first album. Alik posted a picture together with the heir on the page in a social network. In the caption to the photo she was intrigued followers. “My eldest son Artem to me all the time is pleasantly surprising will soon share with you, my dear subscribers. Something will happen,” said Alik.

The followers of the artist left comments on the address of Artem. Many could not believe that the 49-year-old star already such a grown son. “What a new mom! Alika, you done raised two boys, while still so beautiful! Time to care for yourself!», «Looker! Quite a grown man!”, “Like a mother” – admired by the users of the Network.

Last year Artem became a student of the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov. The guy went in her mother’s footsteps and chose a normal profession. It is known that the eldest son of Laughter studies at the faculty of business and the world economy. Besides, the young man writes tracks that probably will be included in his first album. Sometimes Artem performs in a Duo with a friend. Some concerts have already passed in the capital’s cafes and restaurants.

Smekhova always really protective of their children and tries to help them in everything. That’s why the singer decided to send the eldest son to study on a paid Department, the boy did not have enough points to do on a budget.

When Artem was little, he had an accident. He received a serious head injury and broke his collarbone. Alec didn’t allow himself to cry, and tried to be strong when he was taken to the hospital. She said star, the resistance had taught her the fact that she usually had to rely only on themselves. Despite the fact that the Pope Artem communicates with him, the boy lives with his mother.

Alika Smekhova was at the center of a scandal because of the sons

“You can’t force a man to love your child and care for him. And laws. This is my opinion, I assume that not all agree with him. Artem’s father communicates with him and involved in his life. About father Makar with his large opportunities and I have nothing to say. I find it much easier to go out and earn than to spoil his life showdown, especially in a judicial order” – shared the actress in an interview.