Actress Tatyana Klyueva's son is trying to kick her out of her apartment There are ungrateful children.

The son of actress Tatyana Klyueva is trying to kick her out of the apartment the film of the same name from the film studio. Gorky “Barbara-beauty, long braid.” her from the apartment” />

Now she is 71 years old, and she abandoned her acting career a long time ago in favor of her personal life. At the height of her fame, Klyueva married a sailor and went to Sevastopol, where she lived all her life, gave birth to a son, earned money by selling shoes. Nikolaevna – 45-year-old Yan Gagin intends to evict her from the apartment. Despite the fact that she gave this dwelling to her offspring after the death of her husband. Read more: 1 2 3 next. →

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