The son of a millionaire was justified for beating his ex-girlfriend

Сын миллионера оправдался за избиение бывшей невесты Alexander Serigo says he wasn’t sent the girl to injure ex-fiancee. Anna Lisovskaya believes that Irina Lantukh attacked her in a closed nightclub and beaten at the request of the heir of the businessman.

      Сын миллионера оправдался за избиение бывшей невесты

      Last year Anna Lisovskaya was accused of raping his boyfriend, the son of a millionaire Constantine Alexander Serigo. The heir of the businessman has served time in jail. But a year later the boy was released and the court hearing did not take place. A young girl believes that her ex-boyfriend revenge still. After a blatant case of the beating she decided not to be silent, and addressed to the program “live”.

      Anna said that recently came to a closed nightclub where I wanted to spend the time with friends. According to her version, she went to the ladies room, and near the entrance she was attacked by her ex-girlfriend Irina Lantukh. Lisovskaya suspects it occurred at the request of her ex-fiancé Alexander.

      “The girl financially poor, and she knows that Chariho influential father has money. I can show correspondence, where she says she can find citizens of Caucasian nationality, to beat me, said Anna. – She got me when I came out of the bathroom. She came to the shoes, that is thoroughly prepared”.
      Сын миллионера оправдался за избиение бывшей невесты

      In the editorial “live” were audio recordings of telephone conversations. Experts in the Studio suspected that the young person deliberately provokes the guy to be rude. Despite the fact that lovers long-parted, during that year they still did not stop to chat. On the question of guests in the Studio, why she maintains contact with her abuser, Anna replied, making it from fear.

      “Communicate, because I feel sorry for him, he’s my first love,” said lisowska.

      In the Studio there was a lawyer Irina Lantukh, who presented his version of what happened in the ill-fated evening in a closed nightclub. David Kemularia said that Lisovskaya in vain pretend to be the victim.

      “Anna grabbed Irina started to beat her, Irina caught up with her on the dance floor and hit, – announced the judge. – Ira went to the hospital, taken a beating, she has a traumatic brain injury.”

      Alexander Serigo could not come personally to the program and gave a review on the phone. The young man says that Alice is constantly calling him with threats. He doesn’t understand why she decided that his girlfriend Irina acted on his instructions.

      “Her accusations I have nothing to say, because she always says that I threatened her life. Actually threatens it – something I have done, that the Ira attacked at her. I know Ira as a regular, decent and adequate girl…”, – Alexander does not have time to finish, as Anna tries to refute these words.
      Сын миллионера оправдался за избиение бывшей невесты

      “This is my first statement for the year. I openly declare that I do not care to it”, – said the young man on the phone.

      Boris korchevnikov asked if Alexander was to turn to Anna.

      “I speak not of her, but about her, what she’s shameless, low and cruel. Only wants popularity and earn some money. She did not receive them and will not receive,” said Chariho.

      Anna found in the archive photo that showed the host of the talk show. Korchevnikov not understand why she remains such intimate footage of his former lover and what she wants to say with these pictures.