Сын Евгении Феофилактовой мило поздравил папу The star of “House-2” has published a video featuring the baby. Eugene Feofilaktova made a video in which her son Daniel says the father is touching wishes, holding an armful of balloons.

      Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev was one of the brightest pairs in the project “Dom-2”. For the life of the spouses is still being followed in social networks, tens of thousands of people. Like family Gusev and touches the pair of son Daniel, who is three years.

      The boy and his mother recorded a greeting to a father who was 27 years old. In the video that Eugene has published on his page in Instagram, Daniel holding a bunch of balloons. Mom asks son what he wants to wish dad’s birthday. The kid answers: “Happiness and health!”

      A touching video has caused a lot of positive emotions in followers Feofilaktova. They are not stingy with the kind words for Daniel and his father.

      “Happy birthday to the birthday boy! All the best and bright! Happiness to You”, “What a good boy”, “Clever, pretty! Once seen, grow in love and prosperity”, “a son honey”, “happy birthday!”, “Done, dad congratulated, “Let come true all dreamed about! Nice family,” he comments followers Eugene.

      Video published EVGENIIA GUSEVA (@zhenechkaguseva) Jul 21 2016 at 5:34 PDT

      It is worth noting that the little Daniel is growing active and intelligent child. Mom and dad devote a lot of time to its development. So, the boy plays not only in children’s and adult games. Huseby gave the boy to the sport and this summer he performs in training camp of FC “locomotive”.

      Eugene Feofilaktova gave his son to the sport

      Kid has his foot on the ball, so few people remain in doubt – Daniel is waiting for a player’s career, and, judging by the rather strong impact, he can become a striker. Parents of the future stars of the Russian sports diligently to fix the photos and training videos of Daniel, creating a portfolio for your champion.

      “Thanks to the coaches, the sessions are very productive. Daniel is already showing success!” – wrote in the microblog Eugenia Feofilaktova. “Thank you for the opportunity in 3.5 years to be implemented and begin to develop your sports skills. I’m really happy that Daniel all of his energy, and him her as da, more than enough, will leave here. My lion will succeed, athletic, like his dad,” the proud son of Anton Gusev.

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