Сын Евгении Феофилактовой и Антона Гусева получил первый гонорар Daniel paid a considerable sum of money for participation in fashion show. According to his famous mother, their family is predicted that the successor will become a world star when he grows up. Both parents promised to make every effort that the boy made in the future career success.

      Loud divorce of the ex-participants “Houses-2” has shocked fans of the pair, because the former spouses grows 4-year-old son Daniel. While the boy lives with his mother and father is going to apply to the court to determine the order of meetings with the child. Anton Gusev wife: “Jack, why do you deprive my son?”

      “Despite our differences, Anton and, of course, we will do everything for his future. I dreamed that his son would become a financier, a diplomat, or have achieved a high rank in any power structure − shares with “StarHit” Eugene. But recently, we predicted that son will become a world star! My dad and Dani will be proud of him. Imagine a few days after this prophecy of Daniel was invited to a show of children’s clothes as a model. The Spanish brand has paid son first in his life fee − $250″.

      By the way, the boy’s modeling career began less than a year ago. For the first time the son of Feofilaktova and Gusev came to the podium with my mother. Gradually the child began to invite to the shooting catalogs for children’s clothing. Eugene is proud of the progress of your baby and teaches Daniel some manners.

      “I used to Lisp with Daniel, moved them constantly, but over time realized that I want to raise a man, a real gentleman who will supply the woman’s hand, to help open doors who knows how to use Cutlery and a napkin at the table. Sometimes, of course, have to do strict form, speak commanding tone, but I’m not very good at it,” said the reality star.