The soloist “the Brothers Grimm” decided on a sex change operation

Солист «Братьев Грим» решился на операцию по смене пола

Two twin brothers Konstantin and Boris Burdaeva in the beginning of the zero have established themselves as interesting and talented musicians. A group of “Brothers Grimm” were heard from almost every iron, instantly becoming a hit.

Over time, the repertoire was not so interesting, and replaced the other guys were a good group. “Brothers Grim” left the stage, as it turned out, because of a serious conflict.

Until Constantine Bugaev enjoying family life, Boris Bugaev became a member of the scandalous Chronicles. Moreover, Boris decided to make a loud statement and admitted that he was homosexual.

But it has not had the effect which is expected Burdaev.

Now the red-haired musician is thinking about even more radical changes in my life. Boris wants to make a sex-change operation.

“Now Bob very often traveled abroad. Even in the moment he is in Madrid. What he’s doing exactly, I don’t know. But he has thought about transitioning. If he does, I’ll stop working with him. He’s gay, and it’s deviation. If he become a woman, will ask not to call it the Zephyr, and some Natalie… the Public will cease to accept it”, — told reporters the producer 35-year-old artist Andrey Borodin.

“The fact that Bob was gay, cause big problems for our cooperation with him. I believe that personal life should be personal life, and not to interfere with the working moments. He can come to town on tour and bezvylazno to sit in a special chat for gay men: to call someone stupid or to look for someone to spend the night. It is unacceptable for me. Instead of preparing for the concert, he thinks, what boy him sleep. You come to work, and we must think only about her. If you want someone to have sex, you do at home, not at work. He often breaks the interview, especially if you are not satisfied physically. In addition, our production center is engaged in children’s creativity, and here Bob is gay. It is not good,” added the producer.