The soloist SEREBRO repeated “naked” photo of John Lennon

Солистки SEREBRO повторили «голое» фото Джона Леннона

Pauline favorskaya and Olga Seryabkina reproduced the historical image with John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono.

On the official page of the group SEREBRO in Instagram appeared a photocopy of the cover of Rolling Stone far 1981 with John Lennon. The girls were able to 100% replicate the poses of the musician and his wife, who then has sealed the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Солистки SEREBRO повторили «голое» фото Джона Леннона

“For me, all my life this photo was the symbol of absolute love. I always consider it long. And then, when I saw for the first time, and every time I come across it on the eye now. It has the magic. It has everything that is related to love and passion, – commented on the publication of Olga Seryabkina. And I wanted to do the same as a sign of adoration in this photo.

Put a candid shot, Olga, apparently expecting praise. Play the role of a naked John Lennon dare not every girl. But the opinions of fans of the actress about her action razdelili: some admired, others did not write the most flattering comments.

“Better than original”, “Very brave”, “This is too much. Looks awful,” “it may Not always be beautiful or correct that makes the idol, which is admired by others! There are such misunderstandings,” – commented the frame with a solo SEREBRO Internet users.

The iconic photo of John Lennon with his beloved, recall, was made on 8 December 1980, just hours before the murder of musician.

“At first we did not go, – said once about this frame is its author Annie Leibovitz. Lennon insisted that with him was shot by his wife. But we had a banal footage of two lovers. In desperation, at the last moment I asked the musician to undress and hug his wife. He did just that. However, I did not say how to hug, how to turn, it just comes naturally, but very strong.”

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