The soloist SEREBRO Pauline Tabor gave the car

Солистке SEREBRO Полине Фаворской подарили автомобиль Expensive gift they presented the singer with her lover – businessman Nikita Volosnikov. Pauline Tabor recently unveiled his mysterious boyfriend. It was them 25-the summer head of a startup in the field of IT-technologies of the Perm.

      Солистке SEREBRO Полине Фаворской подарили автомобиль

      24-year-old soloist of one of the most popular girls trio only recently declassified her lover. The man who won the heart of the charming Pauline Tabor, was a 25-year-old businessman from Perm – Nikita Volosnikov. The lovebirds met two years ago at the University until recently, however, skillfully concealed tender feelings from prying eyes. In the past year, the couple made the decision about living together, settling in Moscow apartment. Since then, the famous soloist of the group SEREBRO tour in a hurry after into the arms of a loved one. That, in turn, with no less adoration belongs to the girl, trying in every way to please her in all possible and impossible ways.

      For example, in a “Stargate” were photos taken during one of the recent surprises, which gave Nikita his lady after her return from St. Petersburg to Moscow. In the pictures, decorated with colorful balloons, showing off a new white car. Male, smiling, holds out the car keys surprised her. An unexpected gift was so moved by her that she could not hide the rush of emotions.

      Солистке SEREBRO Полине Фаворской подарили автомобиль

      By the way, the last time Polina Favorsky often shares in his microblog the positive qualities of the beloved. For example, according to the singer, the weekend Nikita always spoils her delicious breakfasts – that is their little family tradition. And in his spare time a couple of noisy parties prefer solitary walks in the capital’s parks. A romantic evening lovers while away from skateboarding, and reading one book for two in a garden.

      “As you can be without each other? I and day can not live. For me it is very important that he was there because he was my support, a support, and just the best friend” – such posts can be found on the page in love artist.

      Recall, the boyfriend of one of the most coveted girls of show business he graduated from the faculty of Business and management” in the “Tower”. In addition to his own startup in the field of IT-technologies, Nikita enjoys surfing, philosophy of Buddhism, and also recently did the whole West coast of America on a motorcycle.

      Солистке SEREBRO Полине Фаворской подарили автомобиль

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