The soloist SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina spoke out about hazing in the band

Солистка SEREBRO Ольга Серябкина высказалась о «дедовщине» в группе Team member shared his thoughts with fans. Olga Seryabkina said that often talks about how the trio has changed over the years. Besides, according to the artist, they always communicate on equal terms.
Солистка SEREBRO Ольга Серябкина высказалась о «дедовщине» в группе

At the moment, the producer of the band SEREBRO Maxim Fadeev looking for a third member of the team. Among the contenders for the Pauline Tabor, who decided to leave the trio, many talented and gifted girls. After the popular vote will be another step in the course of which will be determined by another soloist SEREBRO.

In a post that the group leader Olga Seryabkina posted on the page in the social network, she remembered that many girls had been quite controversial resignation from the team.

“I do not unite, do not say that it was always the same, Vice versa. But there were things that even surprised me. To mention the fact that it was difficult to be in some framework. In General, very often we set ourselves limits. We think that something or someone binds us. We used to think that a certain grid, which really exists only in our head, able to block the air. But really, if there are certain rules even within them is always freedom. That is where the air that you can feel. Breathe. If you love the air and accept myself in the context of something common and large. If you sincerely connect with other people, because they are close to you in spirit,” – says Olga.

The actress said that each person’s definition of “freedom” and makes the rules. Fans SEREBRO has repeatedly hinted that the group developed hazing. Seryabkina chose to clarify the situation.

“I never tried to prove something, because I think, this is not necessary. I’m just still me, doing things you love with all your heart, sincerely treat those around me. And I always try to put a plus sign. Because I don’t care where I started. But I care why I’m here. And if this coincides with those close to the so-called frame, not bothering to be absolutely free. Within them or for them,” she added.

We will remind, after leaving the team Darya Casinoi in 2016, the talk about inequality in SEREBRO broke out with renewed vigor. The girl did not hide that “bullying” in the group, and it is tough. “It did not leave me space for some of their inner creativity, I was clamped and started to get a complex,” – said the ex-soloist.