Солист «На-На» Владимир Политов бросил беременную жену The former wife of the soloist of group “on-On” I remembered how he left when she was pregnant. Olga told how hard and lonely was her pregnancy from Vladimir Politov. The popular band Bari Alibasov has become the main theme of the program “Hello Andrew!”.
Солист «На-На» Владимир Политов бросил беременную жену

The most favorite and most popular artists of the 90s – this was the main theme of the new issue of the program of the channel “Russia 1” “Hello Andrew!”. On a visit to Andrei Malakhov came soloists of group “on-On” Golden part. Including sex symbol baseband ageless Vladimir Politov. He said he could choose any girl because artist has had an incredible number of fans. But Vladimir was married only once. His first marriage was a sham. He married a Muscovite Olga for registration. She bore him a daughter Alena, who now lives with his father.

Olga gave a TV interview. She said when she met her future husband, as I experienced pregnancy and why they divorced.

“We met in the distant 99-th year. We had no plans to link our lives. But Volodya did not have a Moscow residence permit, so I kind girl offered him to prescribe. For this it was necessary to get married. I was warned that after you’re divorced. But when we got married, residence made, and I say let’s get divorced, Volodya suddenly said – and I do not want”, – said Olga.
Солист «На-На» Владимир Политов бросил беременную жену

Now the former wife of Vladimir Politov lives in Germany. She married a second time, again became a mother. The actor repeatedly said that he maintains good relations with his ex and friends with her new family.

Olga spoke for the first time, under what circumstances came to light, her eldest daughter, Alena. A young pregnant woman all the time was alone, while her husband, a member of the famous group toured extensively. It is a musical career was the main reason for their divorce.

Солист «На-На» Владимир Политов бросил беременную жену“I was sad the pregnancy, I (Politov) not seen in six months, was sad and lonely. Alena was already two weeks when he arrived and saw her. Well, it’s a nightmare, you can’t plan… We have never in all the time I was married, celebrated the New year together. Because for the artist the new year is always work. Of course, it is sad and after a while begins to irritate. No, we’re not fighting, we somehow drifted apart from each other…” – said Olga Politova.
Солист «На-На» Владимир Политов бросил беременную жену

Politov divorced for 7 years. Now with him only a daughter Alena. Immediately after graduation from high school in Germany, she moved to live with her father. “I didn’t take it, move – it was her choice. She never caught on in Germany,” said Politov. Vladimir admits that it’s pretty hard to find a companion, a wife who will understand and accept his way of life.

Daughter of Vladimir Politov Alena knows all the songs of the group “on-On” by heart, but the fan does not consider himself, and does not like to advertise kinship with a famous musician. “I don’t really like to advertise it because people looks at you as a daughter Faina, and not as an individual. As a child I loved to brag, and then I realized that going around fake people just because dad is from the famous group,” says Alain.