Солистка «Инь-Ян» знакомит новорожденную дочь с большим миром Charming girl saw Moscow from the height of bird flight. Tatiana Bogacheva has published a touching photo with the baby. Earlier this month the singer first became a mother. She shares his happiness with his fans on the social network.

      Солистка «Инь-Ян» знакомит новорожденную дочь с большим миром

      The second of may in the life of the soloist of group “Yin-Yang” Tatiana Bogacheva there was a happy event. The singer first became a mother. She gave his handpicked successor and colleague team Artem Ivanov charming daughter. The birth went well, the girl and the mother was discharged from the hospital in due time. On the day the baby turns a month, and parents, of course, will celebrate this event.

      The soloist of the “Yin-Yang” enjoying the happiness of motherhood

      And while the young mother is teaching the little girl with the big world. The singer has published on his page in Instagram an interesting photo. In the photo she posed with a baby in her arms at the window, through which stunning views of Moscow. Apparently, the star was in one of the famous skyscrapers of Moscow city.

      One of the first commented on a photo a friend of the star, the singer Cornelia Mango. “My, how glad I am for you! The theme conveyed the invitation from us? Really looking forward to!” she reminded about her upcoming wedding. “Thank You, Nelichka! Passed! – said Tatiana. – Gonna do my very best to you, now with the release of somewhere difficulty solid”. “You have one day to get out and exhale,” Cornelia insisted.

      We will remind, the daughter Bogacheva and Ivanova was born strong and healthy. The baby’s weight is slightly more than three kilograms, and height is 51 centimeters. But how called the girl, Tatiana and Artem are not reported.

      Shortly before birth, the singer continued to sport lifestyle and refused secular outputs. Tatiana was in no hurry to spend all the time at home in peace and quiet, in contrast to the majority of pregnant women in the later stages. She was happy to attend a noisy party, where others showed rounded tummy. Note, in the event the actress appeared together with her beloved.

      Interestingly, the couple meets is not the first year, although official information about the marriage of the stars has not yet been reported. Met Ivanov and Bogachev at a time when they were participants of the popular project “star Factory”.

      Despite the fact that Tatiana and Tom spend a lot of time together at work – the pair playing in the same group – they try not to let each other eyes. Rumor has it that the song’s beloved settle in different rooms, to be able to relax in solitude.

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