Солистка «Инь-Ян» впервые вывезла дочь на море Tatiana Bogacheva, together with her husband and young heiress flew to the Crimea. For the baby it will be the first trip to the coast. The young mother was very worried as have never been on a plane with a child.

      Солистка «Инь-Ян» впервые вывезла дочь на море

      The soloist of group “Yin-Yang” Tatiana Bogacheva gave birth to a daughter in early may. She enjoys the pleasures of motherhood and shows fans pictures of the baby on the page in a social network. Beloved artist Artem Ivanov around helps a young mother. Celebrating two months of his daughter, the couple decided to escape from the hot of Moscow and to go on vacation on the Black sea coast in Crimea.

      However, the flight didn’t go as smoothly as expected Tatiana. Airport have problems with the Luggage, and Board the plane the airline has not provided the required to travel with the baby gadgets.

      “We made the first flight, which went well, except for the moments before the plane. With me flying dad who had a ticket in economy, but we paid extra for the front row. She flew in business with a child. So at the airport it turned out that the right to free Luggage now are passengers the business class, and 10 pounds to take the baby, the idiocy just given the price for the ticket, even in economy, and it is not low-cost! After it became clear that I, as a passenger in business class, can’t get into the business lounge, you need three thousand to pay. Well, on the side not provided cradle, and the entire flight I kept the baby on his hands, didn’t want to Wake, so didn’t give it to Papa,” wrote about the emotions the singer.
      Солистка «Инь-Ян» впервые вывезла дочь на море

      Long before the birth of Tatyana and Artem chose the name for girls. In the end, the man decided that they would call the girl Mirra. “Yes, the right to choose a name for my daughter I pressed unconditionally. For me it was very important to her name, I haven’t been associated. I discovered a list of Jewish names and chose the one that like best. That day when we learned that it was a girl, I came and said, “Daughter be called Myrrh. Tanya first took offense,” – said Artem in an interview after the birth of heir. Soloists of the “Yin-Yang” explain why gave her daughter a Hebrew name

      By the way, the pair decided that they don’t need a babysitter because no one will take care of the child better than his mother. Tatiana help to relatives: the singer sometimes leaves the daughter with her grandmother, but trust your favorite baby to a stranger is not ready yet. In addition, Bogacheva feeds Myrrh breast, so can’t afford to permanently leave the daughter.

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