The soloist of the “Yin-Yang” enjoying the happiness of motherhood

Солистка «Инь-Ян» наслаждается счастьем материнства Tatiana Bogacheva showed a picture of a little girl. In early may, the artist first became a mother. New parents continue to accept congratulations on the birth of a beautiful girl.

      Солистка «Инь-Ян» наслаждается счастьем материнства

      The soloist of popular group “Yin-Yang” Tatiana Bogacheva the second of may became a mother for the first time. She gave his elect, colleague team Artem Ivanov, a charming daughter. Today the singer decided not to hide from fans of his joy and shared the first photo of the baby. In the picture she showed tender flesh of a newborn girl.

      “Eat,” the comic signed publication Tatiana. Fans of this touching picture has caused an incredible emotion, and they did not stop to write congratulations to the graduate of “star Factory 7” with the birth of the first child.

      “Tanya, congratulations! Grow big and healthy”, “I heartily congratulate. Happiness to you. Grow and enjoy your life!”, “Oh, can you imagine what beauty will grow!” – glad the subscribers for the artist.

      Солистка «Инь-Ян» наслаждается счастьем материнства

      Weight daughter Bogacheva and Ivanova – a little more than three pounds, and the growth of girls is 51 centimeters. Apparently, now she was already discharged from the hospital and is now fully enjoying motherhood, taking care of the baby. But how called the girl, no Diss nor Ivanov, not misleading.

      Shortly before birth, the singer continued to lead an active lifestyle and has not renounced secular life. She wanted to spend all the time at home in peace and quiet, and I’d love to attend a noisy party, where others showed rounded belly. At events, the actress appeared together with her beloved.

      Quite a long time, she concealed from the public the news that her life will soon happen happy event. Also it is not commented, will register whether their relationship with Artem Ivanov. The couple meets for a long time – from the time when they were participants of the popular project “star Factory”. Even then, all fans of the show watched with interest the development of relations between the young contestants. They kept the audience in suspense – it is emotionally quarreled and were on the verge of breaking, it showed a complete idyll.

      Despite the fact that Tatiana and Tom spend a lot of time together at rehearsals, performances and tours, they still try to separate personal life from work. Sometimes they even settle in different hotel rooms, not to be tired from each other.

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