The soloist of the “Shooter” won a lawsuit against scammers

Солистка «Стрелок» выиграла суд против мошенников Ekaterina Kravtsova returned to the apartment. A member of the popular group for two years fought for a property in the center of Moscow. She was trying to prove that became a victim of swindlers who forged her signature on documents.

Two years ago it became known that the soloist of group “Arrows” Yekaterina Kravtsova became the victim of fraud. Criminals forged her signature and issued a contract for the sale of apartments in a luxury residential complex in the center of Moscow. Only now the artist managed to achieve justice – the Supreme court granted the petition and returned her property rights.

In 2015, Ekaterina Kravtsova decided to rent an apartment in a prestigious district of the capital. Her announcement responded to the unfamiliar woman, which aroused the suspicions of the artist. The singer signed the contract and received the money for first and last month rent. The first time, she regularly received the payment, but suddenly the woman stopped communicating – she did not answer and did not respond to messages.

The soloist of group “Arrows” has decided to understand what is happening and personally drove to the apartment to find out any misunderstandings. However, to her surprise, she discovered that the tenants changed the locks on the front door. And later opened unpleasant circumstances – it turned out that the property Kravtsova sold a fake power of attorney. It turned out that the documents have been issued to some Elena Kravtsova. She, acting on behalf of the owner of housing, gave the apartment under the mortgage Bank. When the speculator has received a large sum of money, she fled. It was reported that the new owners of the property were two men.

The artist decided to fight for their property, but this job required a lot of time and effort. Only two years later, she managed to prove she was a victim of fraud. As reported by “5 channel”, initially Nikulinskiy the court, where called Catherine, did not satisfy her claim. Then the singer went to restore justice in the Supreme court and won the case. Now she is once again the rightful owner of the apartment.