Солист Rammstein о ребенке Светланы Лободы: «Хотела мирового успеха? Наслаждайся!» Producer Svetlana Loboda told how till Lindemann responded to the rumors about their affair. According to Natella Krapivina, German rocker sent her a funny message, congratulating her international popularity. And in may the actress, according to rumors, gave birth to German rockers daughter.
Солист Rammstein о ребенке Светланы Лободы: «Хотела мирового успеха? Наслаждайся!»

One of the most successful singers manages to be at the peak of popularity for several years now, while adept at hiding her personal life from prying eyes. Here is the name of the father of the second daughter, which the actress gave birth to may 24 in Los Angeles, she chose not to confirm. Although many believe that the girl’s father was the lead singer of Rammstein till Lindemann.

Svetlana Loboda showed baby daughter

In an interview with the representative of the 35-year-old star told how he reacted to the German rocker at the news of the affair with Quinoa.

“The situation with Till too beautiful in itself. When the story broke in the media, till sent the world a lot of screenshots of the German press. And wrote: “You wanted a world of success? Here it is. Enjoy!” – said the producer of the star.

Apparently, the rumors amused 55-year-old rocker, who, by the way, is known for his love Affairs. The last serious relationship he had with actress Sophia Tomalley, a novel which has ended in 2015.

But the heart Loboda, according to its producer, is really not free. Now the artist is really happy, and she doesn’t want to share this feeling with others. Being not only a producer Svetlana, but her close friend, Krapivina still tries not to interfere in the personal life of the artist.

“I respect the personal space of Svetlana and don’t ask her too many questions. Know that the Light is in a relationship, but I can’t comment on anything because it’s her territory. I never go there. Sooner or later Svetlana she wants to tell her story, but today it belongs only to her, and has nothing to do with me,” said Natella.

Now 35-year-old actress returned to active creative work. Recently, Loboda told that manages to tour and breastfeeding. Combining the duties of singer and mom to her hard, but according to the producer, the star has no choice.

After birth, Svetlana Loboda twice raised fees

Apparently, the success Loboda not limited to the stage. And let the artist stubbornly hides personal life, fans believe that sooner or later she will tell about the chosen one.

Communicating with Karabas Live Natella Krapivina said that for the next six months they planned more than a hundred concerts worldwide. One can only hope that such a busy touring schedule Loboda with her lover and does not interfere with motherhood.