The soloist of the NAVY openly about creativity and friendship

Солистки группы NAVY откровенно о творчестве и женской дружбе
Today we were able to chat with a charming solo group NAVY< /b>. The Duo consists of two bright brunettes – Katie and Nina, who told us about how there is a creative Union, and what will happen next.

Солистки группы NAVY откровенно о творчестве и женской дружбе

Today we were able to chat with a charming solo group NAVY. The Duo consists of two bright brunettes – Katie and Nina, who told us about how there is a creative Union, and what will happen next.

Солистки группы NAVY откровенно о творчестве и женской дружбе Girls, Hello! First and foremost I would like to ask, how did your group?

Nina: the band came out 2.5 years ago on the idea of group PLAZMA, when it was decided to try to sing their songs in Russian, and see what happens)

Kate:a Friend said that the guys from the Plasma looking for a girl in the group!
I was pleasantly surprised by this news was definitely a good sign! Gathering thoughts, I went towards the dream))
Everything went great and they offered me a contract to the group..
There I met a girl , Anya,who had already been chosen before me (a Former soloist), So there was a group of Navy. How did you meet with a group of PLAZMA? Whose initiative was it to create a new group?

Nina: the meeting took place at the Studio, the casting. Of course I was worried, but my future (at the time), colleagues so calmly and naturally asked me that given time to calm down. not only that, I almost immediately found a common language with them, I liked them all! thought it was a good sign) no one here is trying to impersonate someone else, after all, is a working team, and I was able to immediately see sincere people and show yourself as well. the initiative, as I understand it, was a Maxim of the Novel, but at the time I was distraught, because I was approved!

Katya: With a group of kids I met as a spectator in 2006! It was an event dedicated to “Miss Mariupol”.
Sitting in the audience and listening to their music ,something told me that we will meet again. It took some 7 years,and a miracle happened !:)

Солистки группы NAVY откровенно о творчестве и женской дружбе Why is the name of the NAVY? What does it mean?

Nina: actually NAVY navigation. we’re making our “route” and successfully move on it!)

Katya: Navy For me is something special, new, light, bright like the star in the sky what style of music are songs?

Nina: we Have a style of popular music, but now it is a pretty loose concept, we are constantly experimenting and don’t sit in one style. there are even electronic elements in some works, but more on that later) because you need to create a product that everyone will like us and conform to the criteria specified from the outset, therefore, we argue for a long time and folded like a puzzle each track) Tell us about your relationships in life? You’re friends?

Nina: When I came to group, I knew that the whole team was United to me) so I understand that can be either friendship and work, or we are just colleagues. don’t want to presume or prejudge, because friendship is not a matter of one day), but I think that it will. I like that much we have different views, and that it always find a compromise-this is important. there are no unhealthy competition), we now are one), and develop together

Katya: Nina appeared in the group recently, about two months.
I am very comfortable working with her, she’s bright and positive man 🙂 Now we have the period of knowing each other! We can endlessly talk on different topics, share tips ,shopping, listen to different music, etc.)

Солистки группы NAVY откровенно о творчестве и женской дружбе the Next creative plans?

Nina: Upcoming plans! Oh, this is a question which will have something to hide, so that all came true) of course this album. of course it’s touring, writing new songs, which I want to invest all of myself. create new music that expresses individuality, and in General to find their place in the music world) and develop) also the clips that are like small movies, with meaning, actors, etc.

Katya: In the nearest plans to release a new single “Planes” and video shoot. This song is about the strong feelings that are hurt and burn inside.. Every once in your life to experience the emotions in question.

Солистки группы NAVY откровенно о творчестве и женской дружбе What are each of you doing before the band? What were your Hobbies?

Nina: Before I became part of the NAVY, I sang and played in the Metropolitan establishments) touched the restaurant business, and even once worked in the theater), teaching vocal) passion has always been, is and will be the music, I even quit for this reason, two of the University. took me a while to understand that for me is really important.

Katya: To the group I was involved in development and knowledge of yourself.. I went on various trainings in psychology, doing sports, dancing. Sang for some time in the pop group of the MOE, but it did not last long. Also was in the modeling business for some time, the photo shoot was regularly present in my life and bring me income. What do you feel when you perform? They different each time or the same?

Nina: the most important is the pleasure) the feeling of joy, satisfaction. all this mixed with a slight excitement)
of course they are different, because we change. nice to see new emotions, to understand that you have grown and changed, it’s incredibly stimulating!

Katia: I’ve been singing since 12 years, and every time I have a totally different feeling.
Sometimes you stand before going on stage, and the spirit fades, the hands become moist from the experience, legs, just like the first time!
And sometimes quite the opposite – a confident standing and waiting for this moment to go in and conquer all! I believe that this is solely due to your attitude! So, so good 🙂 the main thing is that how you feel directly ON stage, and not before. what about you what music do you love? Are there any idols or people who imitate?

Nina: I love rhythm and Blues and soul, can’t dance to the funk, don’t sing jazz! I love all music, and almost every day I listen to different direct style) as a child I loved Christina Aguilera and I thought I have a similar voice)) well, now I have no idols, I’m working

Katya: I love very different music. Love the classics, jazz..drum n ‘ bass , electro, pop music. In General, I love music not by style, but by my mood ,as the music is of course a state of mind
Listen To Michael Jackson, Houston, Selena Gomez ,Rihanna’m Beyonce ,Timberlake, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande. Sit in social networks, communicate with your fans? Where can you find?

Nina: we both sit everywhere!) I am afraid that it doesn’t become an addiction! the truth is I have no Twitter or blog, but there is everything else) Vkontakte – Nina Gordon Instagram – ninanavy, Facebook – Nina Shipilova ( malicious network does not want to change my name!)

Katya: In the social networks I’m on Facebook (Catherine Wieliczka)
VK (Catherine Wieliczka)
Instagram (katya_navy)
Fans interested in our work to answer every one 🙂