Солист «Руки Вверх» обвенчался с женой после 10 лет брака
Sergey Zhukov has told about an important event in family life.

Sergey Zhukov and Regina Burd

Photo: @Instagram sezhukov Sergei Zhukov

Sergey Zhukov and his wife Regina Burd were married. That celebrity couple preparing to conduct the ceremony became known in the beginning of the month. But the ceremony itself took place only recently. This event highlighted the social networks he is a soloist of “Hands Up”, posting a photo from the wedding. “Forever…” — signed the frame.

Love story Sergey and Regina began almost ten years ago — in December of this year the couple will celebrate pink wedding. It is curious that the singer so long “pulled” with the wedding not just. The fact that the leader of group “Hands Up” to Christianity just three years ago. Since then, the couple searched the time and opportunity to fulfill a cherished dream. It is worth noting that the family Zhukova is considered in the world of showbiz exemplary. Together Sergey and Regina has three children, and while the couple is still without memory in love with each other.

“How long have you seen your wife? asked recently from fans of the beetles. — No, not just looked on as she prepares or comes home from work and admiring eyes which lit the flame of passion and desire? How long have you watched her that first time, at your first meeting? When was the last time you committed a folly for her sake? When, in your memory, you’re throwing children, Affairs, work and just ran with it from reality for a couple of days, no matter where? Even hard to remember…But sorry…I was fortunate enough in 40 years to realize that with every passing day I am more and more in love with his wife. Yes, it happens. And it’s not “lusty”. Love it! To me it is never enough. Even if we are together 24 hours a day, still to me it is not enough. I find new facets of her magnificence, grace, wisdom, and care. I bathe in these feelings and completely happy with her and with our loved babies. I started to write more poems, songs, hits from. I’m back full of strength and energy.”