The soloist of the group SEREBRO no more hiding favorite

Солистка группы SEREBRO больше не скрывает любимого Polina Favorsky, and Nikolay Volosnikov together for nearly two years. However, their romance were always shrouded in mystery. The girl never showed the faces of the chosen one in his microblog, in order to avoid envy from the public and undue attention to their love. Recently a couple was seen together in Gorky Park.

      Солистка группы SEREBRO больше не скрывает любимого

      The soloist of the group SEREBRO Pauline Tabor ceased to hide her lover. According to eyewitnesses, the girl went for a walk on a skateboard in Gorky Park in the company of a young man, which a few days earlier, fans of the star learned 25-year-old businessman from Perm Nicholas Volosnikova. About the novel of a star with a mysterious young man say a long time, however the pair is trying to advertise their relationship.

      “All the holiday. A very bright day. I would even call it a Day for Peace. Let every family there will be peace and tranquility, love and harmony. Thanks to all who fought for freedom. We would like to all over the world now was peaceful. And I have a double celebration,” written under the image, placed ninth of may, Polina. Fans are happy for the singer and began to investigate who her new boyfriend. The most attentive recognized him Volosnikova.

      According to various sources, Nikolay and Polina met two years ago, and a year living together. For a long time the young man traveled. He traveled part of America on a motorcycle. Not long ago he again had to fly abroad for a week. While he was away, Pauline was restless and very bored. “As you can be without each other? I and day can not live. For me it is very important that he was there because he was my support, a support, and just the best friend. And I hate to sleep alone” – such posts left on the page girl.

      Солистка группы SEREBRO больше не скрывает любимого

      For a long time, Tabor did not talk about their romantic relationships on social networks. By the way, she never showed the face of the beloved on their joint photos. However, on the pages of their mutual friends could see that Pauline and Nicholas spend a lot of time together. A couple of weeks ago, the soloist SEREBRO left a very candid post under the photo with the chosen one in the setting sun.

      “I am so lucky next to me the man who can with one look, one touch to stop my emotional catastrophe. How much would it escalates emotions. He will never be offended, to swear, not to say that I’m a sick hysterical, but simply embraces, soothes, and then together we analyzed everything, going back on the right path. It is now gone. I am happy that I have such a person,” admitted Pauline.

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