The soloist of the group IOWA married!

Солистка группы IOWA вышла замуж!
Office romance Catherine Ivanchikova culminated in the trip to the registry office.

Солистка группы IOWA вышла замуж!

Ekaterina Ivanchikova

Photo: @gruppa_iowa/Instagram

The lead singer of IOWA Catherine ivanchikova finally went away. This event, fans of the musical group waited a very long time. After Kate met guitarist and writer of some of the hits Leonid Tereshchenko almost ten years! The singer describes his first meeting with her future husband: “When I decided to create a musical group, I was 18. I was called by acquaintances and have told that in Mogilyov there are talented guys that I necessarily fit. They were Leon and Bob (Leonid Tereshchenko and Vasiliy Bulanov — Approx.ed.). However, to get them into the team was difficult. Leon does not come to the first rehearsal. I pleaded with him by phone, sent him countless texts.

In the end, he couldn’t withstand my pressure and came. And we “played” the first time… Sometimes see a person and understand: “I will lead!”. This idea spinning in my head from our very first meeting with Lenya. And then it sort of happened by itself… Leon is a nice person, he has no weaknesses. We are United by music, because it is our life. There is a belief that love lasts three years. Perhaps the way it is. But, if in addition to love, people associate something else with that interest, friendship, respect — that three years is not the limit!”

Wedding dress Catherine Ivanchikova

Photo: @gruppa_iowa/Instagram

The lovers were in no hurry to formalize their office romance, focusing on the development of his musical career. And this team from Belarus, who plays indie-pop, was quite successful. In 2008 Kate, addicted to rock, sang in the musical Ilya Oleynikov “Prophet”. In 2009, the girl together with his friends organized a group of “IOWA” in his native Mogilev. But a year later took a chance to move to St. Petersburg,
where now live the band. The group actively participated in many music festivals, wrote the soundtrack to the TV series “Kitchen”, “Sweet life” and “the Teacher”. And all these years next to Kate on stage and in life was Leonid
Tereshchenko. Rumors about the wedding couple went a long time, but only recently the long-awaited event has taken place.

Katya and Leon did not make his wedding a noisy PR-events —limited to a symbolic photo in social networks.