The soloist of the group IOWA married guitarist

Солистка группы IOWA вышла замуж за гитариста The singer and her partner were married in Karelia. For the occasion the lovers are allocated two days. Earlier in the press appeared information that the singer of the hits “Mama” and “Bus” played a secret wedding.

      Солистка группы IOWA вышла замуж за гитариста

      Back in March, the IOWA fans were talking about her possible marriage. There was a rumor that the soloist of the popular band has married the guitarist Leonda Tereshchenko. But later it turned out that there was no secret there was no wedding. To formalize their relationship, the lovers decided only recently. The pair traveled to Karelia, where for two days an important anniversary was celebrated. It is reported that Kate and Leonid were married in one of the local churches, and then spent the evening in the company of close friends.

      By the way, ivanchikova and Tereshchenko together for ten years. To talk about their relationships they do not like, but together create real hits. Is not the first Belarusian group of the Russian explodes dance floors with their tracks like “Mama”, “Hit bits”, “Minibus” and so on. Songs of the team also standing at the top of the charts.

      The lovers are repeatedly given to understand that inspire each other to do heroic deeds, writing good music and crazy things. By the way, ivanchikova wanted to stay for the beloved Muse and at the wedding. According to the magazine OK! the actress wanted to appear in the ceremony dressed in the shape of a guitar, so her husband could continue to joke that he married his most beloved guitar. However, in the end she chose the other wedding dress.