Солистка дуэта «Непара» перестала скрывать беременность Apparently, the family of Victoria Talyshinsky coming replenishment. The actress will become a mother for the first time. Recently a woman posted on social networks a photo in which you notice her interesting position. Fans congratulate favorite singer.

      In April the press released information that the 39-year-old singer Victoria talyshinskaya is in an interesting position, however, the representatives of the actress denied this information. And according to another member of group “Nepara” Alexander Shoua, Victoria always shares with him the events of his life, and the news that she is expecting a baby, he would have learned one of the first. He also noted that celebrity that has long wanted to be a mom.

      The soloist of group “Nepara” commented pregnancy colleagues

      Recently, however, talyshinskaya posted on his Instagram a photo where you clearly can see the rounded belly of a star. In the picture Victoria is going to cook for her beloved family. “I wanted to make something special for loved ones,” shared the artist in the social networks. To your post, she added the hashtags “home” and “family first”. The followers of the soloist “Nepara” wished her happiness, and I noticed that she looks beautiful. “Vic, you’re so cute”, “Congratulations”, “You are very touching, I wish you happiness” — they wrote.

      By the way, before Victoria shared with subscribers of the joint with a small Vova Nedzelsky, the son of the drummer of group “Nepara”. The actress is happy to babysit the adorable baby. Monitoring of fans of the star, it can become a great mother. “Cute”, “Pretty”, “Beautiful”, “Your time”, “so adorable” — shared his opinion in the comments of the post Talishinskiy.

      Recall that the duet “Nepara”, broke into the Russian show-business in 2002, has captured the hearts of thousands of music lovers across the country. Many knew by heart such hits as “Another reason”, “God invented you”, “Sweet”, “Cry and see”. In 2012, unfortunately for fans of the charismatic performers, they decided to go on their own ways and concentrate on solo careers.

      However, a year later, the artists changed their minds and announced the reunion of the “Nepara”. The happiness of the fans knew no bounds. According to Talyshinsky, a temporary break in the activities of the group serve as a lesson to the participants. “We started appreciating our duet, gain strength and full of creative ideas,” Victoria confessed in an interview with “StarHit”. The initiator of the return of the Duo on stage was Alexander, show. His colleague almost instantly agreed with him. The duet “Nepara”: “Vick had half a second to accept my offer”

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