The soloist of the band 5sta Family rested with wild boars

Солист группы 5sta Family отдохнул с дикими кабанами
Valery Efremov told about the vacation in Thailand.

Солист группы 5sta Family отдохнул с дикими кабанами

Valeriy Efremov

Valery Efremov with his girlfriend Anna in this year, the rest
in Thailand. “Popular tourist
we chose a little-known Islands of the Andaman sea on the boundary with
Malaysia. Always try to leave winter in the warmth, away from the crowds
tourists — said Efremov. In Thailand we visited is not the first time that you select
his nature, the diversity of Islands that you can visit, well-developed
infrastructure transport for tourists, of course, insanely delicious
cuisine, Thai massage and hospitality of the Thai people”.

Valery visited the island and national Park of Tarutao,
which made a great impression on them. “This is essentially a wild island with
monkeys, wild boars and other fauna, electricity there
to a limited extent, no hot water. I feel a little Robinson, and
there is a certain thrill. It is noteworthy that, Tarutao was once a
prison for political prisoners, and removed one of the seasons of the American show “the Last
hero.» The artist on this trip tried the swordfish, which in his eyes is caught
local fisherman. Serious accidents with the guys never happened. The only thing I had to use
health insurance, asking for help to the doctors: Anna has
allergic reaction to insect bites. “On any holiday our main rule
– do not sit in one place, says Efremov. — Explored the whole island on foot and on
the bike in the morning run by the beach, engaged in fitness. But at the same time, no one
not been canceled of beach relaxation and peaceful contemplation of the sunset.”