The soloist of group “Yin-Yang” became a contestant of the “New Wave”

Солист группы «Инь-ян» стал конкурсантом «Новой Волны»
Artem Ivanov will take part in a music festival.

Photo: Press service

In this
year the finalists of the “New wave” were 14 participants from 9 countries: Armenia,
Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Sweden. A
the contestants make their first steps on the professional stage. And some of them
already have significant experience in show business. For Example, Sasha Santa (Russia)
spent many years as backing vocalist Laima Vaikule, in 2013 participated
in the “New wave” in the Duo “Santa Barbara”, and in the year 2015 finalist
project of the TV channel Russia-1 Main stage. Basil Urievsky (Russia) — star
program “Main stage” (second season, 2016, the channel Russia 1, the third
place) and the project “the Voice” (fifth season on channel).

singer, acting under the pseudonym of ISAAK
known to many in the recent past Artem Ivanov was a member of the project
“Star factory 7” (First channel) and a soloist of pop group “Yin-Yang”.

Milano, representing Uzbekistan, the winner of the TV show “Main stage
(TV channel Russia 1, 2015), finalist of the TV project “Golos” (the First channel,
2016). The current “New wave” will present to spectators of TV channel Russia-1 bright
the show, which will see 8, 9, 10, and 15, 16, 17 Sep.

to note that this fall in Sochi at the festival “New Wave”
expected a real “shooting stars”. Among the celebrities there will be quite
unexpected, such as Danila Kozlovsky and Garik Kharlamov. And Olga Buzova
will perform at the festival for the first time. For fans of pop music and a two-hour concert
group “Hands up!”