The soloist of group “Vintage” has met for debauchery

Солистка группы «Винтаж» оправдалась за разврат The artist is not afraid of bold experiments. Anna Pletnev often shocking the audience revealing outfits, provocative performances and controversial clips. However, in life she adheres to a completely different way.

      Солистка группы «Винтаж» оправдалась за разврат

      Group “Vintage” once appeared on the music scene immediately attracted the attention of the public to their work. Of the songs the band immediately became hits, and soloist Anna Pletneva quickly gained a reputation as one of the sexiest singers of the Russian show-business. The girl quite often for performances and music videos chooses provocative outfits on stage and during recording the music video allows itself to ambiguous behavior. But in fact, in the life of Anna behaves quite differently. She is the mother of three children and an exemplary wife. But such an extravagant manner to present themselves on stage, she explains, initially only the selected image, which is not related to her usual behavior.

      “I know myself, and I’m not afraid to seem ridiculous, ugly, awkward, even depraved. But many girls are afraid of this. I am a chaste woman, therefore, can easily play depraved”, ” Anna said in an interview.

      Moreover, Pletnev understands that often their images are taken literally, and sometimes in isolation from the context. But Anna and her bandmate Alexei Romanoff treat criticism calmly and continue his career. Although the soloist is recognised that very often takes everything to heart and from emotion, maybe even cry.

      “Of course, I understand as functioning in the show business and sometimes as a mechanism of awarding, when things change at the last moment. Injustices happen, and emotion shed tears”, – said Pletnev.

      Despite the fact that Anna is now happy with their own appearance, she admits that she wasn’t always confident of her attractiveness. Moreover, in her youth she considered herself not the most beautiful girl. But then guessed that it attracts men.

      “In the women’s circles there’s always the ideal of beauty, and here I was considered the ugly girl: too large nose and ears, eyes sad, like a bulldog, even the fingers which is not such! I was unconventional and didn’t like it. But for sixteen years I grew Breasts fourth size, I realized the power of women. At me were more likely to admire you guys. Although this attention was not deprived of because of real sex, true beauty is inside. Corny, cliche but it’s a fact”, – said Anna to journalists

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