Солист группы «Корни» стал отцом близнецов
In a musician family now four children. Wife gave birth to a girl and… a girl.

Alexander Berdnikov with his wife Olga and children Milan and Marseille

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The soloist of group “Roots” Alexander Berdnikov was
the father of many children. Yesterday the musician and his wife Olga were born Marcevol
twins: girls, like each other as two drops of water. Babies and mom are doing well and preparing for discharge.

Gender of future kids parents have not learned, saying, they will be happy boys and girls. However, initially it was presumed that they were born “Royal couple”: a boy and a girl. The name she chose in advance — Valentine — in honor of Sasha’s mother and another child were going to call after the birth. In the end, the second “twin” was named rose.

Recall that the singer will be the father of many children, it became known this spring. Alexander and Olga mother of two shared
children son Marcel and daughter Milan. Older children can not wait, when you see

The couple married in the summer of 2008, and, by Roma
tradition, choosing a future spouse for their adult children’s parents did. Senior
generation no mistake: Alexander and Olga turned a strong family.

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