The soloist of group MBAND became the son of Hercules

Солист группы MBAND стал сыном богатыря
Nikita Kiosse will voice the main character in the new cartoon.

Nikita Kiosse

Photo: Press service

In Moscow
started dubbing the cartoon “Nikita the Tanner”. The main character, Nikita
Kozhemyako — voiced lead singer Konstantin Meladze MBAND, Nikita Kiosse. For
charismatic singer this was the first such experience.

long ago I voiced the fish in one episode of “Sponge-Bob”, the whole group we recorded
the soundtrack to the animated, but to duplicate the main character —
this is a first, — shared his impressions of Nikita. And I’ll tell you what I
love this process and love my hero. He looks at me not
like the blue — eyed blond, but we are alike, in fact: Nikita through all the trials
goes to his goal, his dream and perfected at the same time as the person
develops qualities of character. I believe that is the right way to become

The plot — the story of the son of the epic hero tanners, little Nikita, who decided
which can also defeat the dragon, as it once did his father. Despite
its prohibitions, Nikita finds a way to get involved in adventures and now only the
his bravery will overcome if he animated the dragon and gets from
the magical world back home…