The soloist of group “Factory” vs Botox

Солистка группы «Фабрика» против ботокса
Sasha Popova do not like the outcome after radical cosmetic procedures.

Photo: Ekaterina Frolova

Sasha believes that radical intervention into the physical appearance destroys individuality. “At the fitness club I often see girls with good figures, but
strange similar faces. They lost individual features, and this, I believe, a bust,” — says the singer.

the fitness club he goes to work out… the post. Moreover, in contrast to
other stars prefer the individual sessions. After all, when you’re alone
on one with a coach, all his attention on the ward. “I’m not very comfortable with yourself
feel me every minute when you demand something, – tells Sasha. – And
group training looking at others and trying not to drop a clanger or even
to make things better. A great incentive!” As for face and beauty treatments
the artist, strongly zabrakovat Botox, does not rule out the option of mesotherapy.
“A couple of years, probably, will make any injections. It is better to prevent
problems than trying to eliminate their effects. I think that you should start with
hyaluronic acid, which simply tightens the skin”…

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