Солистка «Непары» изнуряет себя жесткими диетами Victoria talyshinskaya resumed concert activity after the birth of her daughter Barbara. The singer told that he refused many products for a beautiful figure. The artist wants to regain the weight she had before pregnancy.
Солистка «Непары» изнуряет себя жесткими диетами

Victoria talyshinskaya told that recovered strongly after childbirth. Eighteen months ago, the actress became a mother for the adorable little barbarians. Now she is trying to lose weight, adhering to strict diets. Victoria admitted that markedly increased the weight struck her in shock.

“I got one of those fairies that come in the form coming out of the hospital, and crunches on the second day after birth. The fact that I was overweight, it was a surprise to me – at me with it never problems was not observed, rather, been a shortage,” – said talyshinskaya.

Also the actress was unpleasantly surprised by the public reaction to her significant weight gain. According to celebrity after giving birth, every woman is gaining extra pounds.

“People blame me for something that has changed shape. And in my opinion, the postpartum recovery is a natural for the body process. Now I am working on myself five pounds dropped, have to get rid of another five,” – said the singer.

The actress shared that it is difficult is forcing yourself to exercise. She picked up the special coach. “Dancer, former soloist of the Bolshoi theatre. She approached the creative process of our training, made for me a personalized plan that fits me. Lesson I like,” said the singer.

Victoria also told of which product is her diet. The artist barely resists a strict diet. “Chose two. The first is aimed at cleansing the body. It is based on a vegetable soup with lots of celery, bell pepper, cabbage, onions. Every day, I definitely eat it in large quantities for variety, add any product. For example, the first day of the week – soup and vegetables, the second soup and fruit, the soup and rice, the fourth – soup and 400 grams of lean beef… And so on. And the second diet during the week only eat the buckwheat without salt. Can it add a spoon of olive oil, drop of soy sauce, chicken broth and a slice of boiled breast. But nothing more”, – said the singer in an interview with “Telenedelya”.