The soloist “Combinations” Tatiana Ivanova have been plastic

Солистка «Комбинации» Татьяна Иванова оправдалась за пластику The famous singer explained why he decided to experiment with looks. A year ago, a member of the popular group asked the TV show to become younger and more attractive. In recognition of Tatyana Ivanova, it was difficult, but she managed to overcome the next challenge.
Солистка «Комбинации» Татьяна Иванова оправдалась за пластику

In August last year, the 45-year-old soloist of group “the Combination” Tatyana Ivanova took part in the program “10 years younger”. Experts transfer approached the matter responsibly. They increased the artist of the Breasts, to correct the stomach, and also performed a facelift and neck. In addition, with the performer job dentists, beauticians and stylists.

Recently Tatiana gave an interview in which he explained why he decided on plastic surgery. Reporters asked the actress whether her appeal in the transfer of desire to please her husband, businessman Elchin Musayev, or she just wanted to be younger to continue my career in show business.

“For myself. Of course, I myself in all guises liked, I was good, but now just damn good in General, I’ve never been beautiful, all the time was ugly, but terribly charming. And went to the project due to the mismatch reflection in the mirror inner feeling. If the mirror does not look like Oh-Oh-Oh what’s alive, and will come to him – Holy shit what is that!” – shared the star.
Солистка «Комбинации» Татьяна Иванова оправдалась за пластику

Not all plastic surgeries are successful, so Ivanov had the fear of visiting a doctor. But the rich experience of a medical professional, the first in the country reconstructed the woman after breast removal due to cancer and “collecting” soldiers in hot spots, convinced her to discard the negative emotions.

“I asked: are you I just stretch, and facial features should not be changed. Yes, he did not advocate radical change. I was asked: “Whistle” (unnatural lip augmentation – Approx.) going to do?”. No, said leave as is. (…) The operation was 4.40. Now is a good anesthesia, it is easy to move. The most unpleasant and difficult – abdominoplasty, this reduction belly in aesthetic form,” – said the artist.

After surgery Tatyana Ivanova got in touch with her husband via Skype. The blonde was almost completely bandaged. The appearance of the lady was not scared of the entrepreneur. He found the strength to reassure his wife. “Already fine,” – said the artist Elchin.

In recognition Ivanova, her lover with a progressive Outlook on life. Musayev support throughout the second half. Being trained as a dentist, he specializes in cases, far from the world of show business. Interestingly, the lovers were married after twenty years of marriage. “Could not”, – says Tatiana.

The soloist of group “the Combination” is also engaged in the education of his beloved daughter Mary. According to the woman, the girl is fond of foreign languages and works as an editor. Despite their young age (the heiress Tatiana is still there 20 years), she’s already making significant progress in your favorite business. “And, I have nothing to do at all. She” – quoted Ivanov edition of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.