The soloist boyzbenda attributed the paternity of the child Sedokova

Солисту бойзбенда приписали отцовство ребенка Седоковой The singer excited fans joint the party with the MBAND Anatoly Tsoi. Fans of Anna Sedokova found that the frame that appeared in her microblog, similar to a photo from the family album. Social media users bombarded the actress with questions about the nature of her relationship with a young man.
Солисту бойзбенда приписали отцовство ребенка Седоковой

Singer Anna Sedokova, recently became a mother for the third time, already out of maternity leave and returned to work. According to some, the father of charming Hector, son of the star, is the businessman Artem Komarov. In June, elect the famous singer no longer hide an affair with her. The entrepreneur posted a picture together with sweetheart on his page in one of social networks.

But on Thursday, the celebrity intrigued subscribers a photo with the lead singer of pop group MBAND Anatoliy Tsoy and the lovely Hector. Frame with loved ones Anna has accompanied the signature with three Emoji hearts.

After fans Sedokova saw her post, they were perplexed. The followers of the artist could not understand the meaning of her post. Some of them even suggested that the singer has parted ways with Artem Komarov and had an affair with Mr Choi. “Is this your husband?”, “I hope you are together”, “How cute,” “I thought they were just buddies,” “Finally everything is clear”, “hold on,” “Friends these photos do not do”, “I could not think, happy for you”, “Happiness to you and your baby”, “Suddenly”, “Anna, this is really what we think?” “Oh”, “are You Dating?”, – discussed social media users.

A friend of Anna Sedokova, actress Natalia Rudova, too, commented on its publication. The blonde left an intriguing comment that has convinced some fans of the singer that she really is found with the lead singer of MBAND.

Five days ago Anna Sedokova laid out a joint picture with Anatoly Tsoy, where the musician prinimaet her. The picture was taken when the star was preparing for the appearance of Hector. The singer congratulated the soloist MBAND happy birthday and wished him all the best. In addition, the singer spoke about his feelings to a colleague in show business.

“I love you so much. Congratulations and love. You’re unique, never forget this. Happy birthday, Anatoly Tsoy”, – said Sedokova in the microblog.

Followers celebrities was confused by the post. They started to ask Anna Sedokova questions, wanting to know if she’s Anatoliy Tsoy. At the same time, other fans, the singer wrote that she is in a good friendship with a member of the pop group.

“I marvel at the people who say: “she’s pregnant by him?” Damn, guys, first, it’s an old picture, secondly, Roofing and Anya – friends (Yes, they are a beautiful couple, but just friends). Thirdly, you should be, it doesn’t matter who gave birth to Anya (obviously from a loved one) be a little kinder,” said one of the fans of the actress.

The singer chose not to explain the numerous conjectures of followers, wishing to keep secret the details of his personal life.