“The sniffer” has become a psychologist

«Нюхач» стал психологом
Kirill kyaro looking for a serial killer in the new series, NTV’s “Consultant”.

«Нюхач» стал психологом

Cyril Chiaro

Photo: kino-teatr.ru

Kirill kyaro and Maxim Drozd will play a major role in the new
the series NTV “Consultant”. In the center of the story — a big case about a serial killer,
account of which the lives of several dozen innocent children. He was active in the early 90s
in one of the Russian cities. Maniac searching for capital consultant-psychologist
Vyacheslav Shirokov (Kirill kyaro) and an investigator of the local city Prosecutor’s office Oleg
Bragin (Maxim Drozd).

In 1990 the country held demonstrations, people panic
because of the empty shelves in the shops. In the southern city of Britanske happen brutal
the killing of children. Police began an investigation and quickly calculates
of the alleged offender. But a series of murders have attracted the attention of senior
the leadership of the interior Ministry. From Moscow to Prides direct the psychologist consultant
Shirokova. A psychiatrist by training, he specializiruetsya on the variations in
the behavior of the people.

Maxim Drozd

Photo: kino-teatr.ru

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