Шестой фильм о Терминаторе отложили из-за болезни Шварценеггера
The actor was finally discharged from the hospital.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photo: Outnow

As the representative of the Studio
Paramount, filming another,
the sixth film of the franchise of the terminator would begin later than expected.
Accordingly, the screens will be too late: the fans have at least a few more months to wait for the continuation of the beloved movie. Although official
the reason for the delay is not reported, the beginning of work on the project, apparently, was
delayed due to the state of health of the actor- Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As it became known, Schwarzenegger
only recently was discharged from the hospital after undergoing a serious surgery
heart. Now he has a long recovery period. And start
work on the set, which was to begin on the preliminary plan
in June, as scheduled, he will not be able. So all the other members of the franchise
will have to wait. We are talking, primarily, about fellow actors, among
which, as it is reported, will again be Linda Hamilton, who again will play
Sarah Connor, mother of the main fighter against the machines — John Connor.

We will remind: recently, Arnold
underwent a complicated hours-long operation to replace a heart valve. Originally
it was planned to make it “laparoscopiceski”, however, during the implementation of this
plan, there were complications, and the surgeons had in the emergency mode to start
“operation open heart”. Arnold learned about what happened, only
recovering after anesthesia. “I opened my eyes and expected to see a tiny scar, and found a huge! But, you know what? The main thing
the feeling I felt this enormous gratitude to all the doctors, nurses… After all, I’m back!” —
said Arnold, Recalling the famous phrase of the hero of the Terminator: “I still
come back!”