The sister of the Prince is the only heir to a multimillion state

Сестра Принса — единственная наследница многомиллионного состояния

No sooner had the body of a legend named Prince to give land, but questions about his legacy is already being debated.

According to foreign tabloids, the most likely heir of a musician is his younger sister TIKA Nelson. The fact that at the time of death, the Prince was not married and has no children, and my parents died a long time ago. Because, by law, if a person has not left a will, his property goes to the nearest in line to a relative, i.e., sister.

It should be said that with his brother TIKA tried to maintain good relations. She was one of the first who came to the house of the Prince, on hearing of the death.

By the way, if we return to the subject of inheritance, Tick might receive about $ 300 million.

Meanwhile we will remind that on Friday, April 22, hosted the conference where the Sheriff of Minnesota John Olson announced the preliminary results of the investigation the sudden death of the musician.

On the body of the Prince did not find any signs of trauma or violence, and suicide have been eliminated earlier, so it was “death without witnesses, men over middle age”.

Prince was discovered on 21 April, about 9.40 in the morning to lift his house PaisleyPark no signs of life, and to revive him failed.


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