Сестра умершего Джорджа Майкла найдена мертвой в годовщину смерти брата

Сестра умершего Джорджа Майкла найдена мертвой в годовщину смерти брата

Western media reported that suddenly there was the death of 55-year-old Melanie Panayiotou, who was the sister, who died three years ago, singer George Michael. The woman’s body was found in her private apartment in London. Was this tragedy in the evening on Christmas eve, December 25, representatives of the Ambulance caused the apartment to Melanie the police, the service has officially registered the fact of death.

On the same day, December 25, but only three years ago was found the body of 53-year-old George Michael at his mansion.

Western media reported that Melanie found in the apartment of her own older sister. Yet the cause of death is not known, however police said that from their side they don’t see anything suspicious, just sudden death. Family members Panayiotou decided to immediately comment on the incident to avoid rumors about their family. They confirmed the death of Melanie and asked to respect their family, and leave at least some time alone to grieve.

George Michael died at 53 years of age. The autopsy showed that the singer died of natural death, with no suspicious circumstances were found.

Of course fans of George remember his death and for not a few days before the anniversary started supporting his family. Relatives testified publicly and thanked personally for the fact that people don’t forget their idol.

Of course, such events and coincidences seem strange. At the moment there is no conclusion from the medical examination, so we can only wait to receive complete information.

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