The sister of the dead girlfriend Dzhigurda first publicly appealed for help

Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды впервые публично обратилась за помощью Svetlana Romanova said on the air about the fight over the estate. Lyudmila Bratash died in February of this year. 800 million rubles, an entrepreneur bequeathed Nikita Dzhigurda. However, the woman believes that the documents have outrageous artist fake.

      Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды впервые публично обратилась за помощью

      In February of this year died one of the richest women of Russia Lyudmila Bratash. She was friendly with the family of Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those. After the tragic death of the businesswoman left a fabulous sum of money – more than 800 million rubles. Despite the fact that Bratash was sister Svetlana Romanova turned out to be a bequest of all funds go to the children of the flamboyant artist. For the first time a close relative decided to appear on television in the program “Let them talk”. For the sake of meeting with Andrey Malakhov she came from Minsk to shed light on the story of Lyudmila Bratash.

      Svetlana says that a will that left her late sister, fake.

      “This is a fight for the truth. On my side the law is on my side though. What is behind the family Dzhigurda and Anisina those, we will understand. I have enough patience, endurance and strength,” said Romanov.

      Svetlana said that her sister and Marina Anisina met in Paris, before the wedding athletes with Nikita Dzhigurda. According to the flamboyant entertainer, in 2010, Lyudmila Bratash arrived in America to write a will.

      Sister of the late businesswoman believes that Nikita pretended to be her friend. She remembered one Christmas night he came to her with a bottle of wine, and in the morning started talking about the fact that she rewrote his apartment in France for his children. After this statement, she kicked him and told all my friends about it.

      Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды впервые публично обратилась за помощью

      Also, now Svetlana is going to contest the will of his dead sister. The document must have the signatures of two witnesses, but no markings no.

      The sister of the dead girlfriend Dzhigurda publicly called him “fufel”

      Andrey Malakhov remembered the intimate video, which not so long ago appeared on the Network. The Studio came Director Nikita Dzhigurda Antonina Savrasov. She commented on the candid shots. According to her information, this asked myself Bratash.

      Also the woman told about why of all the five godparents of children Lyudmila chose the heirs Dzhigurda and Anisina those. When the whole family was vacationing in Greece, little daughter of the famous couple almost drowned. Bratash somehow felt to blame in this situation is yourself, therefore, quickly flew to the US to make a will and their benefit.

      Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды впервые публично обратилась за помощью

      The program appeared Diana Novosad, who worked with Ludmila Bratash and lived in her house. She also questioned the fact that the will was authentic. Seal and the signature set of the American notary, however, of the original document in English has not been seen.

      “She was very demanding, attentive, thorough in the preparation of documents. Not allowed grammatical errors and errors in the design. And Testament drawn up in such form, with such domestic passport data of the document. Why it is used in an international document,” – shared his observations of the girl.

      Friend Ludmila Bratash Tatyana Ilchuk said that she was very friendly with her. According to her, in 2014, Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina have not talked to biznismen. Through the years, Lyudmila has restored the connection with the famous pair.

      However in a press-conferences Nikita Dzhigurda said that cared for Bratash, which needed help when she was alone. Svetlana has denied that the entertainer was well received in the house of her sisters, as Bratash was serious security. Romanova confirmed that after the death of their Queen, mother of the relations between the sisters became strained.

      Lawyers Romanova assume that the original will does not exist, and the instance, which shows at least, a fake. Svetlana said that after submission of his sister missing, she called the Marina Anisina those, but that was not to say anything. Romanov said he was not going to pursue the Bikini, and to resolve the matter in court. Lawyers said that Bratash lost jewelry, documents from the safe, and removed money from Bank cards Ludmila.