Родная сестра Мэрайи Кэри арестована за проституцию
Alison Carey was detained by the police, who worked “undercover”.

Родная сестра Мэрайи Кэри арестована за проституцию

Mariah Carey and Alison Carey

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According to the statement of Joseph Sinagra, the chief of police of the town of Saugerties — village in which he lives
a total of 20 thousand people, located in the South – Western United States, his subordinate was arrested
for prostitution sister, 46-year-old pop star Mariah Carey, Alison.

Alison was caught “red-handed”. She tried
bargain price more for their services in a “client”, which was
a police officer who worked undercover. And because in that state prostitution
is illegal activity, she was taken into custody. As told
Sinagra, Alison fell not by chance, but was caught in the trap set for
her by the police. The fact that she created online page through which
recruited clients. And she had the nerve to quote in their
enticing advertisements songs
his famous sisters! During the arrest and she did not miss the opportunity to say,
she is the closest relative of pop star.

Alison — do sister Mariah. In addition to her
the singer had a brother, Morgan. All three children of an engineer Alfred Carey and
wife Patricia. When Alfred and Patricia
divorced, Morgan and Mariah decided to live with her mother, Allison’s father. So
since then, the singer was often seen with his sister.

Alison reminded of himself when he published his memoirs,
which put the sister in a very bad light. Not surprisingly, after
this Mariah finally broke his contact with her. The singer did not think it necessary
even to respond to a request for help, which Alison was asked to star in
the beginning of this year. She was seriously ill and she needed money for treatment. In
ultimately, sister Mariah was able to get out, but the full
lack of money forced her to return to the activity that she hunted once in
distant youth. For which he paid.
The trial of Alison will be held in the coming days. The reaction of Mariah for the arrest of her sister
so far nothing is known. Perhaps the singer is not up to that — she is preparing for her wedding with billionaire James Parker.

Родная сестра Мэрайи Кэри арестована за проституцию

Alison Carey

Mariah Carey

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