Сестра Кейт Миддлтон избежит позора
The kidnapper intimate photos of Pippa will be punished.

Сестра Кейт Миддлтон избежит позора

Pippa Middleton

British police have rescued Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess of Cambridge from
a very awkward situation. The fact that the hacker stole from the Internet
a huge number of very personal photos 33-year-old Pippa. And here guards
the order failed to promptly apprehend the thief and to prevent the transaction,
he was trying to do — to sell to the press all images for 50 thousand

This prospect led the younger Middleton
despair: after all, among the stolen photos were shots of “nudity,” as her and the fiance of Pippa — James Matthews. And that upset the owner of the pictures no less
also a lot is made of her own snapshots of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. So
quickly deployed police helped to avoid a serious scandal.About it reported the Internet-the portal Page H.

Among other things, the identity of the arrested hacker caused
everyone’s surprise. It appeared to be a quiet and exemplary citizen, 35-year-old Nathan Uayett.
He is a specialist in the field of computer design. He worked at home and
to look after his children, allowing his wife to go to work in
office. Both Uayett and his wife enjoyed the unconditional respect of his
neighbors. One lived near the house of Nathan women — a Patricia
Knightley, said she just couldn’t believe that her neighbor could
to commit theft of photos. “I trusted him to such an extent that he even asked
to look after my house when I went anywhere!” — said Knightley.

Now Nathan Wyatt, if the court finds him guilty
will be punished. However, he at least will have soon
time languishing in a prison cell. After arrest and interrogation the police released the hacker him on bail until the trial.

Pippa Middleton with her fiance – James Matthews

Photo: Legion-media